Re: Life Duty Death

Marty G. Price (mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 09:08:39 -0500

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Joseph Askew wrote:

> >> We are
> >>not even dying. On the contrary we are richer, happier,
> >>longer lived, better educated, with more leisure time
> >>than at any time in the past. Deal with it.
> >Actually we have all this at the expense of our environment.
> No we do not. We have it with our environment.
> I suggest you do better than that and just look
> around you.
[Much snipping of long exchange.]

I *was* here in 1970 (and for about 18 years before that). I *have*
*looked* *around*. I have watched scarcity creep into this "land of
plenty." I have watched population pressures and bad crop years cause
problems in the less developed world such as we believed, in 1965, were

I have looked around. I have seen the growing environmental degradation,
just as I have seen the kind of INTENSE governmental regulations and
pressures, not to mention economic outlay, it took to clean up the
mine-ruined streams of central West Virginia (I lived there & I was

My impressions have been corroborated by bioscientists from across the
spectrum (Wilson, who wrote the great popular book on our growing mass
extinction, never had a reputation as either a flaming liberal or a tree
hugger---these are conservative, establishment people noting these problems).

Mr. Askew, if you are writing from a different planet than the rest of us
live on (Earth, circling a star some 3 light years from Alpha Centuri),
please confine your posts to your own planet. If, however, you are
writing from this planet: WAKE UP (sorry to shout, but you appear to be
sleeping); look around; discover what is going on in the world instead of
what a few paid shills of certain destructive interests tell you.

Otherwise, be quiet---this planet has serious problems to deal with; I
would like it to continue to support human life when my children have
grandchildren. Realistic solutions are difficult, and you, in your
ignorance, are standing in the way.

Blessed Be,

Red Deer

[Argue values, argue priorites, argue all such things---it is good. But
damn it, man, don't lie about the facts (not even through ignorance).
Please, don't deny that the sun appears to rise from the direction we
refer to as "East."]