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Mon, 11 Sep 1995 13:33:21 GMT

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>>>>The bottom line is that our rivers are dying, our oceans are as well.
>>>No they are not. Lying is not going to help you.
>>Yes... They are... Acid rain has KILLED over half of the lakes in
>>northern Canada, making the water unsafe for human consumption and need I
>>remind you that Canada has approx. 33% of the worlds fresh water?
>So we have gone over to a new claim. Not rivers and seas but
Where do you think the gratest percentage of water comes from? How do
rivers flow? from lake to lake from lake to sea. f the source is
contaminated then the entire system will become that way in the near future

>lakes. Name the lakes and I'll lay money I can buy a
plane >ticket to go there and fish. With a fish catch guaranteed. If
>you think Canada has a third of the world's fresh water I
>suggest you get out into the real world and learn something.
>You can start by looking up the Amazon and Lake Baikal in
>any good encyclopaedia.

Where do you think I got that fact? Out of a crackerjack box? Of course I
looked it up. Just don't come whining to us when the good ole USA runs
out... we already give you enough of our water as it is... The Colorado?
remember that river? Well we divert water from three rivers just so that
California doesn't dry up and blow away like so much desert sand

Besides do you think that they take you to the
dead lakes, the ones that have paper mills on them? The same water that
flows into the Indian reservations of Saskatchewan and Alberta and is
slowly killing them? I DON'T THINK SO!

Have you seen a dead lake? Probably not. I have, it's a really sad thing
to see.

>>The point is there are no fish to sell... Why do you think there is a
>>fishing moratorium off the grand banks in Nfld, previously one of the
>>most plentiful sources of fish in the world?
>Because no one owns them. They belong to whoever fishes
>for them. A situation crying out for trouble. Sell the
>fish and then whoever owns them will look after them.

THERE ARE NO FISH LEFT TO SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And actually the fish that are left *belong* to Canada we fought to prove
that this summer. Spain's fleet had their nets cut they were shot at and
they were hauled in for fishing inside Canada's territorial waters...

>>>embarrassment of riches in fact. America is reforesting. The
>>>rest of the world has little problem. We are not running out
>>>of oxygen and the seas are our main source anyway. Few new
>>>diseases actually kill anyone. Older ones are still not a
>>Oh and cancer isn't an old disease... What about HIV?
>Doesn't kill many people. No cancer is not an old disease.
>We have a Greek name for it it is so old.

Excuse me you lost me... cancer is an old disease now you're arguing with
yourself.. And cancer is a big problem.

>>>No they are not. Either shrinking or happening.
> ^^^^^^^^^
>>OK then tell me why the water table in Texas has dropped 47 feet in 150
>>years? Because we're using it faster than nature can replace it.
>So you are.

Thanks for clearing that up... I though I was arguing with you... it
seems you were arguing with yourself

>>> We are
>>>not even dying. On the contrary we are richer, happier,
>>>longer lived, better educated, with more leisure time
>>>than at any time in the past. Deal with it.
>>Actually we have all this at the expense of our environment.
>No we do not. We have it with our environment.

I'm sorry but you seem to be living in a bubble world... HOW can you sit
there and say that everything is fine when the signs all around us are
saying that the Earth has nothing left to give. That she's run out of
fish, that our oil is drying up and what is left is poor quality. That
our groundwater is laced with pesticides and heavy metals that have
leeched out of our waste dumps. The most beautiful birds of prey are
showing mass signs of DDT poisoning, The fish in our Great Lakes are
deadly to humans because their mercury contents is so high.

>>I really don't like doing what I am about to say but:
>>Which dream world do you live in... Read a geology text before you make
>>such ignorant statements!
>I suggest you do better than that and just look
>around you.