Re: Life Duty Death

Julie Locascio (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 10:15:20

>Haveing been the recipient of Julies Hate mail on the e-mail side

This is a delusion on his part: he continues to send me private email, which
I continue to trash without reading.

I am continually amazed at the
>inability of those at our colleges and universities to think with
>anything more than their hearts and hormones...

Interesting observation--certain people on a different group have assumed that
I have a lack of hormones. Apparently, some men believe the key to analyzing
a woman's opinion of something is to understand her feelings about sex. And
yet you and others have come to radically different conclusions! Fascinating!

>Since julie has stated her position so unclearly All I can assume
>is that she thinks the entire world should drag itsself down
>to the lowes common demoninator and breed until we are
>wall to wall screaming starving humanity...

I never encouraged people to "breed", and have repeatedly stated that if you
believe people are having too many children, you should (and I believe I am
stating this for the fourth time) offer them information and education, as
well as job opportunities (particularly for women).

If you define "lowest common denominator" as meaning everybody has an equal
right to be born, and we should share the world's resources as best we can,
yes, that is how I feel. And, again I will repeate, economic stability leads
to demographic stability, not vice versa.

If you define "lowest common denominator" as prejudiced, hate-filled lunatics,
well, I believe you're the ones trying to drag us down.

>I think Julie needs to go take a series of valiums and get
>out of the instutionalized government education thing and
>into the real world..

And he is sensitive to people with mental illness, too! Interesting how he
has used my email address to jump to the conclusion that I have been
hiding in the ivory tower all my life! I am not a professor or a student, for
your information. And I believe a month in Costa Rica, nine months in Mexico,
and a year in Brazil has qualified me to have a non-ivory tower opinion about
the Third World.

>Julie I hope you don't mine if I don't participate in your
>world wide socialist governmental welfare program.

Not at all! Please withhold your taxes and flee deep into the rainforest to
avoid all contact with civilization! Others have done it before you--I'm sure
you can too!