Re: Life Duty Death

York (
8 Sep 1995 05:29:47 GMT

swan ( wrote:
: as I can determine I am the FIRST in my family (both sides) te recieve
: disability (due to blindness). I am a taxpayer as well, because I
: recieve a small income from a part time job.

: AND I HAVE NO CHILDREN. Why? Because I cannot afford them. And because I
: cannot afford children, I do without! I am not proud of recieving help
: from the government. I have worked for twenty years and now, my failing
: eyesight will not allow me to continue. I was forced into the position I
: am now in. The problem is incurable. There is no way I would be able to
: raise a child with the advantages it would need. So I do not have one.

: All I expect is that people, like myself, who are forced onto accepting
: public money SHOW RESPONSIBILITY for the money they recieve!

but your previous post did not ask for just a show of responsibility, it
demanded violation of basic human rights
and the examples you used were not "people, like myself", they are in a
completely different culture trying to pay off debts, primarily to
corporations based in this country, they are paying their debts with these
children and i am appaled but that doesn't mean that i or anyone else has
the right to force unwanted surgery onto them


: Swan