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York (
8 Sep 1995 05:20:43 GMT

swan ( wrote:
: In the article about mandatory sterilization, the writer referred to a
: woman Lidia Garcia who had been pressured after her fifth child to be
: sterilized. She refused and after the birth of her SIXTH baby, she awoke
: to find that she had had a "tubal ligation" done. The photograph of her
: and her family showed a tin roofec cinderblock shack and scruffy looking
: children. She was wearing a very ragged dress and the children were
: barefoot and in tatters.
: How many children SHOULD she have?

That's not for you to decide, you can have an opinion, but neither you nor
anyone else has the right to take a knife to anyone.

: We seem to forget that a parent's FIRST duty is to the CHILDREN. Children
: MUST be raised with love. with adequate food of good quality, with
: sufficient shelter, suffiecent clothing and heating, an opportunity for
: at least a minimal education, more, if possible and the support of the
: community! Children in Mexico in the socio-economic level these were in
: do NOT RECIEVE ANY OF THESE THIBGS with the exception of love. YES they
: are loved... mostly. And wanted....mostly. But people who have children
: SOLELY for the love of them are doing theser children a HORRIBLE
: disservice.

: Also, Mexico is a debtor nation. It cannot AFFORD the people it has NOW.
: Their population is burgeoning at a horrible pace. Right now, the Mexican
: government practises "geographical popuylation control". That's right,
: the excess population streams North. How many can WE absorb?

Mexico is a debtor nation because of multi-national banking interests,
these families frequently have many children so they have more hands to
work to try to get out of work, the theory being that once they are past
the first few years years that they primarily consume they will start being
productive to the family.

: For the record, I have had NO children, nor do I intend to have any.
: I am on disability and I have a small income from a part time job. I
: CANNOT AFFORD children and it is WRONG WRONG WRONG for me to EXPECT
: taxpayers to pay for MY family! If you cannot afford a new car, you go
: without. If you cannot pay for a house, you rent or live with others. If
: you cannot afford children DON'T HAVE THEM.

Research has shown time and time again that the most effective (and
useful) methods of birth control are education and financial rewards (real
jobs, not handouts.

: And if it takes force... so be it! Frankly, it's about time!

So might makes right?.........


: Swan