Re: No Anthropology here

Kris Tyrrell (
4 Sep 1995 03:57:35 GMT wrote:
>I have spent many years studying anthropology. It was my understanding that anthropology was the unbiased study of cultures. What=
is this garbage that you people are talking about under the guise of anthropology.
>Are there any scholars here?
Hi there.
Just signed onto this group. I have a B.A. in Anthropology, and am
thinking about going for a Masters. I agree that so far I have seen
little that reminds me of what I have studied. However, I would
softly remind you that no science is absolutely unbiased. Every
being who views an entity must interperate that vision through her/his
own eyes and mind. What is stupid to one is not, to another.
Anthropology is a fascinating course of study! Carry on!