Re: No Anthropology here

Cameron Laird (claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
4 Sep 1995 18:47:39 -0500

In article <1995Sep1.020001.6783@vaxa>, <> wrote:
>I have spent many years studying anthropology. It was my understanding that
>Cultural anthropology deals with the cultures of non western civilization
>Physical anthropology deals with the remains of once living creatures
>Archaeology deals with the material remains of once living creatures
>Linguistics deals with the history and make up of language.
>If I have confused anyone I'm sure you will share it with me.
>Are there any scholars here? I figure not, who would want to be caught dead on
>a system that uses Darwinian theory to justify racism. Or who use anthropology
>to speak of the struggle of blackwomen.
You are mistaken. There *are* scholars here. In general,
they feel as "caught ... on a system that uses ... theory
to justify racism" as scholars who commute to urban col-
leges on a subway feel responsible for what their fellow
passengers read on the trip, or spray-paint on the walls.
Please know that some readers of NetNews see the same
groups in a much different way than do you, in part be-
cause they have technical devices which permit filtering
of the stream. Posts about "the struggle of blackwomen"
have been a very minor distraction to me, for example,
because I ignore them.

Incidentally, there is plenty of fine cultural anthro-
pology which deals with Western civilization, and physical
anthropology which measures and analyzes and theorizes
about living persons.


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