Re: Big Bang: How widely accepted?

Andrew Cooke (
4 Sep 1995 17:42:05 GMT


i don't know anything about medieval priests and all i know of
astronomy is from working in it (i have not studied it as an
anthropologist, for example).

however, if you have evidence to back your claim perhaps you
could post it here? all you have done so far is post speculation.
how would you address the issues of observational testing, for

i've just come from a seminar where people have been arguing about
whether the observational evidence can support an omega=1 EdS
universe with some type of biasing. some people are feeling that
it is not possible and are considering whether a cosmological
constant is needed. someone then proposed a way for measuring
this from the 2df (2 degree field) surveys that will soon take place.

what was the equivalent in priesthood terms? did they take the
entrails of victims and compare them with model predictions
using non-parametric statistics? did they consider how to
optimise their observations to test what they believed?

i guess not. i guess that you don't have a clue about how
astronomers are working at this problem. i guess that because
you don't understand, you think no-one else does either.

you're wrong. astronomers are working at this. they may discard
that model. they may modify it. that's how science works. if
you don't understand, ask for more information rather than
making a fool of yourself writing unfounded rubbish.


p.s. quote of the seminar...

`well i think this (an EdS universe) is coughing blood...'
`oh i wouldn't say it's coughing blood.'
`ok, it's already dead then!'

In article <>, Steve Sohn <> wrote:
>Has anyone else noticed the tantalizing parallel of this Big Bang and general
>advanced theorizing to a more medieval priesthood that pretended to understand
>the secrets of its own day; like, the Trinity, or how many angels could dance on
>the head of a pin.
>One gets the idea that in the future all this cosmological bruhaha will be the

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