Re: Life Duty Death

swan (
4 Sep 1995 17:37:33 GMT

When all is said and done you CANNOT get past the fact that we are
OUTPACING our ability to feed ourselves! I have had no children, nor do I
intend to. My Sig Other has had her tubes tied after having one son. We
do not own a car, My S.O. is vegan and we recycle vigorously. I own land
in Nevada which I have left completely untouched. In fact I have RESISTED
selling it or developing it because it would destroy the ecosystem it
contains. It has never seen a plowblade, a tiretrack or a surveyer's
stake. Nor will it!

Yes, we enjoy the blessings of science and medicine, but we are both
aware that it cannot last much longer. We WILL overrun ourselves. I
predict that humanity will start to die horribly as a species within the
next three generations! I read an article in the paper about Mexico
sterilizing women. Bravo! WE should do likewise! We will not, and that is
the pity. It is one thing to allow personal freedoms when you are on dry
land, and quite another when you are sitting in a crowded lifeboat and
some passengers want to gouge a hole in the bottom of the boat because
they feel they have a right to!

My mother is healthy and vigorous. She has mandated in her will and in a
Living Will that no heroic measures be implemented to keep her alive
after a stroke or heart attack. She will die in HER TIME and not
belatedly, hooked up to tubes and wires. My S.O, her son and I all have
identical instructions. We will refuse the machines and needles! Too many
humans are afraid of death. I am a proponent of rational suicide,
assisted suicide, abortion on request, birth control, family planning,
natural death and euthanasia. If there were mandatory sterilization after
two children, we would begin to make a dent in the problem.

The bottom line is that our rivers are dying, our oceans are as well.
Fish are not nearly as plentiful as we opnce thought, the great food
baskets are emptying, deforestation is taking away our oxygen recycling
mechanism, new diseases are rampantr and older ones are reappearing.
Aquifiers are shrinking, global weather changes are happening as a
result of changes in the land and WE ARE DYING!

And now... JUST as some of the measures Americal took to change and
repair things are beginning to take effect, the Repuglycans are in ahd
dismantling the laws and regulations that support them!