Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

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Fri, 18 Oct 1996 01:15:25 GMT

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: > >I have an interesting theory on evolution to consider. So the question
: remains, what
: > >comes next?
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: > Most biologists (if not all) would reject your assumption that evolution
: > is somehow "planned out" such that it has a natural "ending point."
: Human evolution is continuing, but it's "by proxy": technology, politics,
: financial instruments, etc.

: Dennis

I agree that Human Evolution is continuing, but not as Dennis says... "by
technology, politics, financial instruments, etc.,." These things do not
help man evolve in any real sense, other than helping him evolve into a
still unregenerate, uncultured, ignoble individual, who just happens to
have more money and fancy gadgets.

Any real advance in Human Evolution must come through an
evolution-advancement-enlargement-enlightenment of consciousness, not by
becoming "smarter" technologically or financially.

Any evolution beyond the merely human will only come (and will come),
when we stop "looking without" to technology, etc., and start looking
"within" our Souls, where lies "infinite possibilities" and
"infinite understanding".

I don't mean to sound "preachy" or too "other-worldly", I just happen to
believe that the real "center" of our consciousness lies, not within the
grey matter of the brain, but rather, within the "heart", that is...soul.