Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

Adam Hibbert (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 18:03:17 GMT

Earth to Alien life forms.
Come In, lifeforms.

Err, we're sorry to intrude, but your poetical navel-lint seems to be
clogging up a vaguely logical discussion down here on our planet. Please
do not barge into our 'given context' without understanding that we are
here because we are interested in precisely the 'given context'.

Kchchchchkkk. Out.

> Those activities seem stupid in a given context. However, assume for the
> sake of argument that death as we know it is not a real death... that
> it just results in 'forgetting' who we were and becoming something new.
> In that context, how can you say that death is a bad thing? I'ts already
> been said that dying is considered bad; if this is actually true then
> what is going to happen is that from their experience of how they
> died doing something stupid they will decide not to do it again. Really,
> there is so much protection going on... but what it amounts to is denying
> people the personal experience that is needed to make up their own mind
> about what their life should be. Personally I think you should let people
> experience the consequences of their activities instead of repressing the
> activities themselves.
> David

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