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18 Oct 1996 20:27:53 GMT

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: I can't disagree with that. The "superiority" I was referring to was
: intellectual superiority. The reasons we humans think we are so damned
: smart is because we are. My challenge is to the notion that smartness is
: necessarily a "good thing" in evolutionary terms. There are species
: around which have been around longer than we have, and will probably be
: here when we are long gone. And many of them have little if any brain at
: all.
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If 'survival' were the whole story, then Palaeontology would confirm
this by producing evidence that the fossil record is a gret mass
of bizarre and eventually failed attempts at adaptation and
survival. In fact, the current landscape would be swarming with
such a chaotic mass. The fact is, of course, no such evidence
exists. There is order and a 'Vector' guiding the progress of
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