Re: linguistics and music

MJ Potter (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 20:14:23 -0400

MJ Potter wrote:
> I am currently doing a literature search for a research project that
> involves the investigation of linguistic aspects of musical discourse in
> different societies.

I have received many helpful responses as a result of this posting and I
thank you all. However,I think,I need to clarify my request.

I believe some people are confusing the statement "musical discourse" to
mean music *as* language instead of language *about* music. To be more
precise,I am concerned with the metalinguistic designation of musical
concepts in a given culture. In other words, how people in different
societies verbally express or *discuss* musical concepts of theory and

Of course I don't mean for this to be a simple reduction of the issue to
an index of lexical lists from different socities; This is only the
starting point. My intent is to probe into the ways that people
systematize their ideas in a musical context, which is why I included
the arenas of cognitive structure, semiotics and anthropological
linguistics, in my request.

Thanks again to all!

Warm regards,
MJ Potter