Re: Human/Chimp hybrid??? Mainline media reports...

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Wed, 16 Oct 1996 02:55:38 GMT

On 14 Oct 1996 17:30:58 GMT, (RC Davison) wrote:

>3. Is anyone familiar with Dr. Gallup and his work? I am very curious as to
>why this gentleman would publically state that there is a reason to consider
>this animal a human-chimp hybrid. If there is a legitimate scientific reason
>for making this claim, as he asserts, what exactly is it?

>I find this item unsettling for several reasons. First, we seem to have
>embraced a mythology of government conspiracies and cover-ups (as seen by the
>popularity of X-files and its progeny) which makes articles like this
>acceptable ina mainstream newpaper without critical comment. Second, this
>story is lent credence by the opinions of an anthropologist without
>disclosing the reasons for that opinion (perhaps the fault of the media, not
>the scientists).

Without explanations, it's all hoakum to me. I don't know whether a
human-chimp hybrid is possible, but that's not the point, the point is that
this article does absolutely no investigation of why somebody would claim
this in any detail whatsoever. It would help if the writers knew something
about the subject, rather than just be "journalists". Being a journalist is
fine but a journalist, I would think, should be sufficiently well informed
about a subject before they report on it, don't you think?

Otherwise, they are just fuelling baseless rumours. Which is what they do
most of the time anyways.

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