Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human? (Sardonic Diatribe)

Kevin Rockel (
10 Oct 1996 16:33:39 GMT

In article <53h1oj$>, (Theodore A. Holden) writes:
|> The other difference is that nothing in Newton's description of gravity could
|> be said to have caused any marked worsening of human conduct.

Ted, Ted Ted,

You do not realize the absolute horror that Newton caused. Solely because of
of his work describing Gravity, a whole new form of murder was devised.


Yes, before Newton, no-one would have ever thought of throwing people out of
high windows, or off of cliffs. muder was much more civilized, using daggers or poinson. Once Newton published his theory, everyone realized that things
absolutely *MUST* fall down, and therefore if they are aided in this falling down, so much the better. Thus the horrible dawn of defenestration.

And also, one must not forget suicides. Look at all the people stockbrokers
who killed themselves by jumping from their office buildings in the 30's. If
it wasn't for Newton and his horrible theory of gravity, they wouldn't have
done that, and they definately wouldn't have endangered people on the street
below them. Look at all the people killed by falling since Newton. They are
all his fault. Newton is one of the biggest mass murderers of all time. Bigger
than Hitler, bigger than Darwin.

|> Ted Holden

Kevin Rockel

PS - Sincerest apologies to Mister Newton