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Toby Cockcroft (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 00:43:16 -0400

Dear: Steve T. Ho
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In Closing, I'd Like to Say:

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[x] Take your gibberish somewhere else
[x] Get a clue, you pathetic loser
[x] Learn to post or get off the usenet
[ ] All of the above In article

<53cbq7$>, T. Ho)

>Taking 5 minutes to read what follows could be one of the best
>decisions you have ever made.
>I saw an article in an internet newsgroup telling me
>I could make $50,000 within a month for an investment of only $5.
>I thought it was a huge joke. I spoke to my attorney, friends and=20
>about it, and they all agreed it was some kind of scam. I
>can't stand scams, because usually someone gets burned, and I didn't
>want it to be me. After rejecting the idea at first, I realized all I
>had to lose was the $5 in my wallet, and not much else. So, needing
>more than just $5, I figured what the heck, and gave it a shot.
>Two weeks later, I began recieving money in the mail! I could not
>believe it! Soon, hundreds, and then thousands of dollars began to
>roll in. Within 4 weeks, I had recieved a total of $32,445! It came
>from everywhere in the world.
>If you follow the three steps below, there is no reason why the same
>shouldn't happen to you! This is a legitimate investment opportunity.
>You invest $5, and you recieve a return on your investment. So does

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