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10 Oct 1996 15:32:37 GMT

YOu mena to say that Darwanism is a direct result of colonialism

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(Timothy A. Seufert) writes:
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>>For instance, Darwin's Origin of the Species was published in 1859 or
>>thereabouts, while serious industrialism and robber-baron capitalism
in America
>>began with the arms industry at the time of the civil war and the
>>of the railroads after the civil war (65). Hence your claim that
>>capitalism preceeded Darwinism is idiotic. Likewise the opium wars
>>around the turn of the last century. Again, learn some facts and
then worry
>>about interrupting others with them.
>This is nothing more than classic fallacious false cause reasoning.
>A preceded Event B, so A must have caused B. NOT!
>Robber-baron capitalism and opium wars had nothing whatsoever to do
>Darwinian evolution. They had everything to do with plain old greed.
>Have you ever considered, Ted, that the Social Darwinism idea didn't
>really get cranked up until *after* the turn of the century? At the
>of the Civil War, Darwin's book was making ripples only in the
>community. It was still quite controversial and not yet accepted.
>Furthermore, Social Darwinism was never espoused by the scientific
>community. It was invented by the same sort of people who were
>responsible in more modern times for "Chariots of the Gods" and
"Worlds in
>Collision" -- that is, the partially educated lunatic fringe who
>scientific concepts to support their own delusions.
>>According to several of the alt.atheists, religion was responsible
>>uncontrolled and uncountable murder and evil all through history;
>This is trivially provable. What do you think was going on during the
>Inquisition, a nice church picnic? And what of the Crusades?
>no reasonable person claims that all wars are caused by religion, but
>there have been a large number of them in which religion was one of
>main causes.
>> you would
>>logically expect conditions to return to the natural state of the
golden age
>>once religion was eliminated, at least amongst the intelligensia.
>Religion has hardly been eliminated, even among the intelligentsia
>(judging by the large number of posters to this group who are
>and religious).
>> Nonetheless,
>>as we have seen, the end of religion and the rise of Darwinism has
>>with it a series of wars and tragedies the likes of which has never
been seen
>>since the days of Chengis Khan.
>This is quite an outrageous claim. You haven't shown that religion
>fallen, you haven't shown that Darwinism has replaced it or is even
>capable of replacing it, you haven't shown any causal link between
>Darwinism and modern wars, and yet you claim that evolution caused WWI
>II? Yeah, right.
>>A recent news scene showed the father of a young girl who had been
>>telling the murderer to say hello to Hitler and several other such
>>when he (the murderer) got to where he was going. I'd have included
>>Darwin in the little list.
>Before I thought you were just a loon. Now I know that you are
>sick. Darwin collected evidence and showed an explanation for it. He
>murdered nobody.
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