Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

Jiri Mruzek (
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 03:46:27 -0700

Stephen Barnard wrote:
> How can this topic receive so much interest? It is total, unabridged,
> transparent claptrap. It's worse than "creation science", if such a
> thing is possible. Don't you people have anything better to do? Just
> stop watching the the money-grubbing television shows. Geez, Louise!
> Steve Barnard

Apparently, your feelings towards Danniken extend unjustly towards
the mysterious monuments of the Ancients. Since the film gave
extensive coverage to interesting archaeological sites, you
will pardon us for watching it, rather than Simpson(s).
This is sci.archy, after all. Would you like to tell us something
relevant about any of the monuments presented in the film?
So Danniken goes to Nasca. Does that make Nasca less fantastic?
Jiri Mruzek
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