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>For instance, Darwin's Origin of the Species was published in 1859 or
>thereabouts, while serious industrialism and robber-baron capitalism in America
>began with the arms industry at the time of the civil war and the vast expansion
>of the railroads after the civil war (65). Hence your claim that robber-baron
>capitalism preceeded Darwinism is idiotic. Likewise the opium wars occurred
>around the turn of the last century. Again, learn some facts and then worry
>about interrupting others with them.

It would be useful for you to now show us how the discovery and
substantiation of the principle of natural selection was behind these events.

>According to several of the alt.atheists, religion was responsible for
>uncontrolled and uncountable murder and evil all through history; you would
>logically expect conditions to return to the natural state of the golden age
>once religion was eliminated, at least amongst the intelligensia.

Return to a golden age?! So far as archaeologists can tell, we've been
clobbering one another on a regular basis throughout human evolution.

>A recent news scene showed the father of a young girl who had been murdered
>telling the murderer to say hello to Hitler and several other such personages
>when he (the murderer) got to where he was going. I'd have included Charles
>Darwin in the little list.

Why? Because he was an abolitionist?! Because he argued for the "unity
of the races" as early as 1872? Have you *read* any of his works?

>Ted Holden

Bryant, perplexed