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Mon, 30 Sep 1996 01:25:16 GMT

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>William R. Belcher wrote:
>> I guess you don't see the connection, Gary...if someone has committed
>> fraud, that says a lot about their character, don't you think? I'm sure
>snip snip
>There was a man in Canada who claimed he would build an antenna and then
>he would speak into something he was going to call a microphone and then
>he would have a little box in England (or somewhere on the continent)
>and his voice would be heard through that box. He would call the box a
>radio ....
>His friends had him committed to a psychiatric ward. His name: Marconi!

Interesting piece of fiction. So Marconi was doing voice transmissions.
Interesting. (Actually, some people think the original demonstration of
_Morse Code_ transmission of a single letter was, at best, wishful

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