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+I think that should be 'Jupiter', not 'Deus'.

_Deus_ in Latin, like _theos_ in Greek can stand for any god. Not
uncommonly in situations like this Jupiter or Zeus would be
"understood" as the reference. However, assuming (as I do!)
that you are correct about the latter-day origins of the Latin,
then Jupiter is almost certainly *not* intended. (And as some-
one else pointed out, the proverb in Latin and English -- as in
the Greek you posted -- is generally seen with a plural subject.

Or perhaps your citation deserves to be answered by Herakleitos:

_hen to sophon mounon legesthai ouk ethelei
kai ethelei Ze:nos onoma.

("One thing, the only truly wise, does not
and does consent to be called by the name of Zeus.")

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