Re: Gerold Firl and ethnographic data

Bryant (
2 Oct 1996 08:05:04 -0600

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Gerold Firl <> wrote:
>In article <>, (Len Piotrowski) writes:
>|> In article <52jb5g$> (Bryant) writes:
>|> >I was simply making the point that if you ask for a reference and get
>|> >one, you don't have a lot to whine about, so long as it covers the topic.
>|> Unfortunately, most of what Firl assigns to this reference is wrong or
>|> fraudulent.

Perhaps Lenny should stop asserting fraud altogether, and "error," too,
unless he's going to document it with alternative cites.

>to see you substantiate either one. Show an instance where I have
>wrongfully or fraudulantly "assigned" (sic) something, or where the
>book is "wrong or fraudulent".
>Here's a scientific prediction: you won't be able to do it.

Good bet. Lenny's quick to label those who disagree with him "dishonest."
And slow (or unable) to back the labels up with evidence.

That's why I don't get to read his disaffected ramblings unless somebody else
follows up on them--and man, does sci.anthro seem like a better place for it. :)