Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

David L Evens (
1 Oct 1996 22:49:07 GMT

Loren Petrich ( wrote:

: The main problem I have with von Daniken's thesis is -- where are
: all the remains of all those ancient spaceships? Those ancient astronauts
: sure cleaned up after themselves :-)

He didn't suggest that there were very many of them to begin with. He
suggested that there were a small number of very impressive ones.

: And why are all the monuments that Mr. von Daniken cites all cut
: stone? Why not a reinforced-concrete one? ;-)

You might not believe this, but it actually takes less equipment to make
a cut stone monument than a reinforced concrete one. Cement isn't
something you're going to tote between the stars on the off chance you
want to build a monument at your destination. Making cement takes rather
a lot of very heavy machinery, so you won't bring that with you either.

The tools for shaping stone are more readily converted from the kinds of
tools you'd use in a geological survey, so an exploration craft would
likely carry such things (if there was an exploration craft).

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