Re: ABC & racist pseudoscience

Mark Brodsky (
2 Oct 1996 13:26:00 GMT

Jiri Mruzek ( wrote:
: Mark Brodsky wrote:
: >
: > Jiri Mruzek ( wrote:
: > : > Von D's premise that the Mayans, Incas, etc. could
: > : > not have done nifty things without help from outer space is flat-out racist.
: >
: > : Trumped up accusations are worthy of a true Nazi.
: >
: > OK, then why doesn't Von D investigate some of those European
: > Cathedrals. Built during the Middle ages by a bunch of illiterate, plague
: > infested pesants living in thatched huts. Obiviosly they could never have
: > compleated these structures without extra-terrestrial help! Oh wait, I
: > forgot, they were white. Only those poor Native Americans need ETs to build
: > anything, not Von D's Aryan brothers!
: > Human beings, of ANY race, are a resourseful bunch, capable of much
: > more than the limited imaginations of people like Von D and Jiri can
: > contemplate.

: I'm fed up with racist Nazis like you, who insist on denying
: the ancient people the science, which I bring practical examples
: of. Then to top it off, they turn around and accuse people like
: me, who defend the Ancients - of doing what they do.
: These are people with minds like those who stoked the fires of
: Auschwitz, these are the rabid dogs of regress and intolerance.
: You deny the academic excellence of the Magdalenians showing in
: their Science-Art. You are a racist idiot.. You hate the Human race.
: I'm forwarding your e-mail address to Simon Wiesenthal.
: namon

I think that the folks at the Wiesenthal center will be bright enough to
recognize sarcasm. Besides, its you who deny the ancients the ability to
create these structures by themselves.

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not
sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
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