Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

Frederick Allen (
2 Oct 1996 12:36:37 GMT

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> extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof...There is no evidence used
> to back up these
> extraordinary claims - there wasn't any 30 years ago and there certainly
> isn't any now.

I disagree with just about everything von Daniken has said, but just
because <his> evidence is poor does not make the underlying thesis poor.
The widespread prejudice against "ancient astronauts" since von Daniken's
Chariots of the Gods have blinded many otherwise open-minded people
against the thesis.

In fact, there is a lot of evidence to support the idea of an intervention
by so-called "gods", but you must look to an author who presents it
scientifically. For example, try disproving all of the evidence presented
in Alford's "Gods of the New Millennium" (

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