Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

Jonathan Colvin (
1 Oct 1996 15:30:44 GMT

Paul C. Dickie ( wrote:

: The most recent news from Von Daniken is that he has been quoted in a Swiss
: newspaper (sorry folks -- no idea which!) as having predicted that a large
: mothership will land in the next decade and that Earth is already under
: surveilance from scout ships launched from the mothership, as the aliens assess
: the risks from war and pestilence. For some reason, he seemed to have
: completely overlooked the dangers to any self-respecting Centaurian of close
: exposure to daytime television...

: Once the dangers have been assessed and the Earth is classified as "harmless"
: or "mostly harmless", Von D thinks that the mothership will land and the
: aliens demand to be taken to the UN and also to "world leaders". So they
: wouldn't want to go to McDonalds also, not even with an order to go? Is there
: something about Big Macs that the management isn't telling us and could that
: account for all the cattle mutilations?

Not just the cattle mutilations: first you get da beef..then you need da
bun. To get da bun you need da wheat. To get da wheat you need to land
in a corn field.........making a big fat crop circle. McDonalds need to
put a fly-through in LaGrange orbit..the cattle farmers and wheat growers
will thank them....

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