Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!
Tue, 01 Oct 1996 01:18:39 GMT ("Paul C. Dickie") wrote:

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> "Sold my soul to Rock and Roll" writes:

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>>> Von Daniken may have been wacko but he raised a lot of questions.
>>> Questions which since have been answered by scientist .... and not all
>>> of it disproved VD's theory.
>>A crisp shiny dollar to you, wschmidt, if you can point out anything Von
>>Dipshit said that in any way proves persons of the alien persuasion have
>>visited us--i.e., things for which there aren't simpler
>>nonextraterrestrial explanations.

>The most recent news from Von Daniken is that he has been quoted in a Swiss
>newspaper (sorry folks -- no idea which!) as having predicted that a large
>mothership will land in the next decade and that Earth is already under
>surveilance from scout ships launched from the mothership, as the aliens assess
>the risks from war and pestilence. For some reason, he seemed to have
>completely overlooked the dangers to any self-respecting Centaurian of close
>exposure to daytime television...

>Once the dangers have been assessed and the Earth is classified as "harmless"
>or "mostly harmless", Von D thinks that the mothership will land and the
>aliens demand to be taken to the UN and also to "world leaders".

Notice how this provides him a convenient loophole when the mother
ship does NOT make its appearance?

So they
>wouldn't want to go to McDonalds also, not even with an order to go? Is there
>something about Big Macs that the management isn't telling us and could that
>account for all the cattle mutilations?

>Von D's predictions do tend to make one wonder how much truth there might be in
>the old maxim, "quem Deus perdere vult, dementat prius".

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