Ray Keogh memorial concert (Gamelan, Chamber Choir)

Danny (danny@cs.su.oz.au)
1 Oct 1996 12:36:00 +1000

At Sydney University on Friday evening 18 October 1996, GAMELAN KYAI
KEBO GIRO and the SYDNEY CHAMBER CHOIR will join forces at a benefit
concert for the Ray Keogh Memorial Fund.

Ray Keogh, who passed away many years before his time, was a brilliant
teacher, musician, and ethnomusicologist who studied and taught in the
Department of Music at Sydney University from 1979 to 1992. His
groundbreaking work with the Aboriginal people of the Western Kimberley
area and his inspired teaching continue to influence students and staff
both within the Department of Music and in wider Australia.

The concert on Friday 18 October 1996 at 8:00pm in the MacLaurin Hall
(Sydney University) will be the inaugural concert in a fund raising
effort to develop scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students
in ethnomusicology.

The program will include a variety of genres from the court music
traditions of Central Java and choral music of the Josquin generation.
Ray Keogh performed in both the Central Javanese gamelan and the
Chamber Choir.

To reserve seats at this performance, please call the Department of
Music at the University of Sydney at 9351-2923. Each ticket will cost
$25.00 ($15.00 concession). The proceeds from this concert will be
deposited directly into the Ray Keogh Memorial Fund. Complementary
champagne will served.

If you are unable to attend but wish to contribute to the Fund, please
send a check payable to the Ray Keogh Memorial Fund, University of
Sydney at the above address.