Joseph S Grossberg (ritesh@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu)
30 Sep 1996 10:55:45 GMT

Hi all. New to this group, but not usenet. Anyways, I was wondering

On the discovery of ~170,000 year old art in Australia (somthing they're
making a huge deal of down here):

I'm not particularly interested in whehter or not the claims are
legitimate (for this thread's sake) but instead have this question-- why
is everyone assuming that men/Aborigines/homo sapiens sapiens created the
rock art? Could not have a hominid slightly "lower" than (and
subsequently supplanted by) mankind have created the art?

This would not throw a monkey wrench into current paleoanthropological
thought, and I'm surprised it hasn't been forwarded as an explanation by
the more skeptical members of the anthropological world.

Thoughts? I know y'all have them!