Re: Current Signals of Increases in Testosterone

David Sierra (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 14:49:28 -0500

On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, James Howard wrote:

> The following is a post designed for some other newsgroups, that were
> dealing with the subject of a "neurochemical basis of violent behavior."
> Since my explanation of this is based on my theory of human evolution, I
> thought it should be posted here. What you will be reading about is the
> "secular trend." I think the secular trend is the current signal of human
> evolution; it is easily seen and is explanable as an increase in
> testosterone. (Some say the secualr trend is due to increased nutrition.
> If this were the case, blacks should exhibit less of the secular trend than
> whites; the opposite happens to be the case.)
> This is an introductory paragraph for the other newsgroup: Testosterone
> is the basis of violent behavior. That is, testosterone is the basis of
> impulsive behavior. The amount of testosterone determines the ability to
> control, or not, impulses. More men are imprisoned than women. Black
> men (at the college level) produce more testosterone than white men;
> more black men are imprisoned than white men. The following is a letter
> describing this, which has been sent to a number of U.S. congressmen
> and U.S. senators. All, but one, failed to even acknowledge receipt. (It is
> very un-politically correct.) You judge for yourself. This is from 1994.

[mindless sexist and racist ranting deleted]

Buy a clue buddy!

This sounds like merely a warmed-over rehashing of the same junk that
people have been using to justify "enlightened racism" for decades.

Read Stephen J. Gould for a good discussion.

David Sierra