Bob Keeter (
1 Oct 1996 13:24:38 GMT (Joseph S Grossberg) wrote:
>I'm not particularly interested in whehter or not the claims are
>legitimate (for this thread's sake) but instead have this question-- why
>is everyone assuming that men/Aborigines/homo sapiens sapiens created the
>rock art? Could not have a hominid slightly "lower" than (and
>subsequently supplanted by) mankind have created the art?
In some circles, the ability to create art is one of the prime
differentiators between Homo Sapiens and "hominids slightly lower
than mankind". As a matter of fact, I have read several discussions
where the association of cave art with modern man was one of the
main distinctions (aside from skeletal material) separating modern
man and Neanderthals.
>This would not throw a monkey wrench into current paleoanthropological
>thought, and I'm surprised it hasn't been forwarded as an explanation by
>the more skeptical members of the anthropological world.
You might as well suggest Pithecantropus doing Piccasso's! 8-) Afraid
that "early men" just did not build shrines, do art, etc (at least not
in the more accepted theories!).