Re: Are Ties Phallocarps?

Gerold Firl (
26 Oct 1995 12:51:52 -0700

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>Now if you look at a man (woman?) wearing a tie just right, you
>see a head with a giant colorful penis. Could the tie thus
>be stimulating instinctual brain centers that respond to penis size
>as a status display?

Ha! Interesting idea ... worth a thesis, in my opinion.

One observation I've made, on the few occasions when I wear a suit or
tie, is a noticible change in sidewalk-protocol. There is a certain
unwriten etiquette to traffic-patterns on crowded sidewalks, which is
usually unconscious; who moves to the side when two people approach,
and how far? I notice that a suit and tie creates a much larger space
in front of me. People move out of my way sooner, and rather than
splitting the difference, they make the entire move. They don't even
give me a chance to adjust my trajectory. An instinctive dominance
mechanism seems quite plausible.

>I've got to stop reading anthropology :-)

Not at all. Excellent insight.

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