Info on computer skills anthros will NEED in near future

Karoline M. Hermes (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 16:01:10 CDT

I am writing an article for a newsletter for adult women college students.
The focus, gist, idea etc. is to find out what specific computer skills
an anthropologist will need in the near future (my major is Anth) and THEN
to find out exactly how and where I would be able to get these skills. (Adult
students, and I am one, are a bit more computer-phobic than traditional age
students. In fact, if my young computer-geek friend wasn't sitting right
next to me at this very moment, I couldn't be posting this message!) SO,
what software would I need to learn? What computer should be used in the
field? Is anth diff than any other social science field in its computer needs?
Is there a better way for me to be asking this question? Please respond by
posting or mailing at THANKS IN ADVANCE.
Karoline Hermes