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20 Oct 1995 23:07:19 GMT (Kevin D. Quitt) wrote:
> (Joshua Hesse) wrote:
>>Oh come on, It's simple.
>>You eat the food, you digest the food, and the tapeworm gets the nutrients.

You are wasting my tax dollars when you post on work time time and
with government equipment that we have bought for you to use. Your post
will be sent to my senator along with a plea that jpl is abusing their
privileges when they post on taxpayers' time and on taxpayers'


>>Eat as much as you want and starve to death.
>>It's that simple :)
>No, it's not that simple. You eat, digest, and absorb the food, and the
>tape worm eats your intestines.
>>FWIW, A highschool teacher told us that the FDA busted some guy a few
>>years back for selling tapeworm cysts as diet pills.
>>Anybody else hear about this?
>No. And it hasn't been an open joke for 100 years, either.
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