Re: Evolutionary purpose of female orgasm

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20 Oct 1995 12:28:50 -0600

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J. Moore <> wrote:
>Bryant, you said something that was incorrect and I corrected it.
>Then you got mad and got personal. Baker and Bellis did not say,
>as *you did*, that:
>>My> the female "upsucks" the pool of sperm in the upper vagina
>>My> during female uterine muscle contractions during her orgasm.

Their video images of the female orgasm show exactly that; the muscular
contractions force the cervical opening into the pool of sperm at the
upper vagina.

>Baker and Bellis *did say*, as *I did*:
>JM>But of course actual measurements, as opposed to idle speculation,
>JM>demonstrate that uterine contractions during orgasm are explusive
>JM>rather than providing suction.

Page 901, Baker and Bellis: Subhead "Flowback Volume"...the authors state
that copulatory orgasm significantly increased flowback volume (but,
then, you've said that's not what your talking about). Note that they
also point out that flowback volume is greatest when orgasm occurs during
foreplay, and that "orgasm regimes which favour sperm retention did not
decrease flowback volume." This last sentence can also be read: flowback
volume is unrelated to sperm retention, no?

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