Re: Metric Time

Oz (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 07:12:59 GMT

DUPREE <> wrote:

> Not knowing the context in which you are using mils, do you realize
>that a mil is a unit of angular measure, used in the artillery branches
>of the army. As I remember there are 6400 mils in 360 degrees. It seems
>kind of silly to use the same unit of measure to mean two different
>things; ie, 20 mils of angle, vs 20 mils of rope.

Actually, although this appears to have the potential for
serious confusion, I can't ever remember a situation where
it has. Presumably this is because 'things' almost always
have an associated base unit although it is sometimes not
what you might expect. If you are not sure of the 'unit' you
tend to specify it in full.

For example (UK)
Concrete blocks are sold in meters (m^2) of cover.
Fabrics are sold in meters (m) length (of their width).

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