Community and Organizational Development Clearinghouse

Stephen Scola (
18 Oct 1995 07:25:03 GMT

Countless community and organizational development projects are being
carried out globally. All to often, these are done without the knowledge
and experience of previous successes and failures.

Currently, few forums exist for the exchange of ideas. A consortium of
Denver consultants would like to establish such a forum. We are

1) To establish a WWW site that will house and make available papers and
reports on previous projects;

2) Create a newsgroup to that would offer a more interactive forum for
the exchange of ideas and information.

We are very interested in any feedback as to the content of either areas
in order to make it as effective and useful as possible. We have
established the beginnings of a WWW site at The site will explain our objectives
in more depth. Please visit and let us know what you think.