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18 Oct 1995 22:45:24 -0400

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Robert A. Uhl <> wrote:
> Also, Fahrenheit degrees go from 0 (freezing point of alcohol) to
>100 (supposed ave. human body temp.). Good ol' fahrenheit was of by
>1.4 for the body temp. so we are all at 98.6. Oh well. Every child
>learns 32 = freezing and 98.6 = good. I actually used the freezing
>point of alcohol last winter; I have a fridge in my then-uninsulated
>garage which held a lot of beer. My mother was worried that'd it all
>freeze. But, since the odds of <0 temps. are low, I was able to tell
>her not to worry. The Imperial system works again!
(Thanks to all the other contributors.)

The freezing point of ethanol is -117 C -- rather chillier than 0 F.
As another poster pointed out, 0 C is about as cold as you can get
with a mixture of ice and salt.

A 4.8% by weight solution of acohol and water freezes at -2.0 C,
or 28.4 F. 0 C is more than sufficient to make beersicles.

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