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>>For more info than you ever wanted to know about Tapeworms (and
>>inhabiting (us) the world) Read _New Guinea TapeWorms and Jewish
>>grandmothers_ (the connection is Gefelte fish, the Great Lakes, and
>>before food thermomers). Eewww, gross.
> Gefelte fish is gross enough without the tapeworms. I've often felt
>like buying some and substituting it for some of the path specimens in
>glass jars of formaldehyde in the med student pathology lab area. It
>would be very hard to catch for a lot of medical students-- probably
>think it was some kind of tumor that needed a label. The Jewish ones
>would probably joke about how that tissue looks just like gefelte
> Steve Harris, M.D.

[I can't resist]

Gefelte fish? What did gefeel like?


Seriously, I have read the book, too and can grimly recommend it. Even more
exciting is a general medical text on Parasitology. Parasites are so endemic
in the tropics that they are part of the way of life there. One of the big
problems with dealing with parasites (particularly schistotomiasis (sp.) is
getting people to change their habits. In the Caribbean, a big cultural
problems has been posed by strict Rastafarians who reserve their right to
defecate in the woods. Since feces are a major avenue for the transmission of
parasites, this naturally does not help public health efforts.

One of the better solutions from a public health standpoint has been the
introduction of indoor plumbing. These well-meaning efforts have often
exacted a psychological cost. Village wells were places where people met to
gossip. With the laundry and the cooking brought to the home, women
especially did not get out anymore. Of course, in Western European culture,
cafes evolved as meeting places. The village wells, however, were free....


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