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I brought up this metric vs. Imperial debate to my friend Allan Hjerpe. He
has some remarkable reasons for siding with the Imperial system.

Communism, Marxism, Fascism, & the Metric System
by Allan Hjerpe

We often hear people speak of the Metric System as if it were nothing but
a harmless Continental fad-like the mini-skirt or bell-bottoms. We have
even heard Americans-good, patriotic Americans, albeit dreadfully
misguided-suggest that the United States adopt the Metric System.
Obviously, such people are ignorant of the history and the dire
consequences of such action.

The Metric System is a child of the French Revolution. It and the custom
of killing large numbers of people with brains, money, education, and good
family. It was no coincidence that the Metric System and mass murder went
together. They have been nearly inseparable ever since.

Just consider. The Nazis used the Metric System and perpetrated the
Holocaust. The Russian Communists adopted the Metric System and murdered
millions. One of the worst mass murderers of all times is Pol Pot, head of
the Khmer Rouge. And where did Pol Pot get his education? In France,
that's where. He absorbed the rich tradition of the Metric System and the
French Revolution, went home, and did his level best to kill every
educated and/or prosperous person in his country. It goes without saying
that the Chinese Communists, the North Vietnamese, the North Koreans,
etc., all are firm believers in the Metric System. Indeed, it is difficult
to think of a dictatorship in this century which has not been
hand-in-glove with the Metric System. Mere coincidence? Hardly!

See how nations have been driven downhill by the insidious Metric System.
Great Britain was the world's leading power when she remained true to the
system of inches, feet, miles, ounces, pounds, pints, quarts, etc., with
which a Beneficent Creator had endowed her. Then Great Britain abandoned
her God-Given Heritage and went to the Metric System. Look at England
now-a mere shadow of her former greatness.

Canada was once the most stable of nations. Dull, perhaps, but stable.
Then Canada went metric, and is on the verge of breaking up. Coincidence?
Get real!

It seems that most of the population of South and Central America is
trying to get across the border into the United States. Why? Because we
have remained true to the measurements God gave us and have become great
and prosperous. They have gone Metric and sunk into economic ruin.
What has happened to great nations can also happen to corporations.
General Motors has gone metric, as has IBM. Need we point out the

Do not remain silent when you hear subversive or misguided people speak in
favor of the United States adopting the
Marxist-Communist-Fascist-Degenerate Metric System. Next it will be
gun-control and fluoridation of water. Speak up! If you do not, our great
country is in danger of being lost.

Besides all this, the Godless metric system is for too inexact for
scientific work. A meter is APPROXIMATELY a yard. A liter is APPROXIMATELY
a quart. No, for scientific work, precision is required.

Les "and if you think Allan is dead serious, he has a moat, a drawbridge,
and a large quantity of lard to sell you" Jones