Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Rusty Rae (Rustyra@!
15 Oct 1995 04:13:45 GMT (Robert A. Uhl) wrote:
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>Jock Robert Ian Christie <jchrist@leland.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
>> For those of you who are SCARED of the metric system - Please dont be.
>> Neither system is "better", but I personally think that it makes a lot
>> of sense for the USA to stop being so pigheaded and just switch over,
>> as thoughtfully pointed out before.
>> There will be lots of whining at first, but people will get used to it.
> I am not scared (nor do I shout...) of the metric system. I dislike
>it. I disagree with it, its creators and its proponents on
>philosophical grounds. I can use it, but prefer not to. Neither
>system is better, you admit. So why should I convert? I like the
>historic system, the system which served the US in its glory days and
>Britain during the Empire.
> I am already used to it. But I hate and loathe it.
> What is pigheaded about wanting to remain the same? Change != good,
>you know. Progress can be bad.

??? Stability is a virtue IMO.

Stability, a/k/a homeostasis, leads to chaos, according to systems
theory. I'll take change any day, except for the metric system. No
thanks -- what we have works very well and this particular change has
not been proven to help the everyday person -- scientists, perhaps, but
for the rest of us? Not.

The view from the edge is always the best!