Need help rebutting racists!
11 Oct 95 17:57:18 -0700

I am curious as to why at least some of you are not refuting the
vitriolic assertions of the white supremists and their ilk who
are spewing their virulent ignorance all over newsgroups like
alt.revisionism and alt.discrimination? I'm a third year student
who is very
interested in cultural anthropology, but as of yet, have only
just begun taking introductory classes in this field (Liberal Studies
major). It seems to me that cultural anthropologists could put their
expertise to great use by countering racist rhetoric with well-documented
facts and well-supported arguments. Racist propaganda must be challenged,
IMHO, and surely anthropologists are well equipped for the job.

I look forward to seeing your rebuttals to those sick puppies posting
in the newsgroups (and others) noted above. Please help!