Re: If god exists, what created god?

Mirador, Elven Mage (
12 Oct 1995 02:16:22 GMT

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>On 24 Jul 1995, OuterNet43 wrote:
>> I think that there is no real "GOD". Like the title says, I mean if there
>> was a god, than who created him/her?
>> She doesn't know. You might say the whole thing's
> illegitimate. Alice has been looking hard and long
> into the looking glass, but all this introspection
> leads back to the question of "self". There just is
> no sadisfactory reply for that one. Imagine a mirror
> that will reflect everything else, except yourself.

I have discussed this with it. It is an immeasurable sea of tiny lights, units of
consciousness--souls, some would say--that have not yet had any experience in any
polarized 'world'. What this was 'like' before the first soul to do anything did
something is moot. It did give me a vision though. The way creation occurs at all
levels, including polarized, i.e., space-time, worlds, is by virture of a flow or
current of these teeny-tiny soul lights. The flow produces two direct effects,
light and sound. The sound causes forms to take shape and the light reveals the
shapes. You might postulate that there was a soul that did something first,
although there would certainly be no way to document that in any way. However, the
sea of soul lights is knowable by the direct perception of experienced souls. The
souls that make up the sea, while 'technically' knowing everything already, do not
have any appreciation of anything because they have not had any experience other
than being, knowing, seeing, hearing, light and sound all around in that vast
sensual sea. Therefore they could not have any 'view' of the sea itself and
therefore would not be directly aware of its existence as such.

So for anything to happen, souls must move; they must flow. This is spirit. This
implies that for God to have any direct perception of itself as the allness of
being, souls would have to have gone on extended 'experience trips' and returned
to the source with some kind of appreciation for who they were and what was going
on. At some point, souls began to flow, allowing God to eventually perceive the
allness as well as the itness of being,

So, the question is moot. But what compelled the souls to move or flow in the first
place? mmmmmmmmm...

- M