Re: Need help rebutting racists!

Julie Locascio (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 17:38:16

>I am curious as to why at least some of you are not refuting the
>vitriolic assertions of the white supremists and their ilk who
>are spewing their virulent ignorance all over newsgroups like
>alt.revisionism and alt.discrimination?

My impression of people who post things like adamant white supremacy claims
have no interest in dialogue, that is, they do not wish to hear other points
of view. If they are not going to listen, respond rationally, listen again,
etc., it is a waste of time and bandwidth for us to reply, and I suspect they
do these postings precisely to monopolize our time and keep us away from doing
other more important things (which go against their agenda). That's my
opinion. Please don't think we are unconcerned, but I feel we have to choose
our battles more carefully than that.