Re: Info on Russian petroglyphs?

Nikolay S. Zhoukov (
2 Oct 1995 16:59:24 +0300

>For some reason, there doesn't seem to be very much information on
>archaeology in Russia lying about...In particular, i'm searching for
>anything about petroglyphs in the Altai region of Siberia...
>Anyone out there have any clues?

There is quite a number of books, but most of them were printed in SU, mainly in
Russian. Siberian petroglyphs were studied and published by A.P.Okladnikov and
M.A.Devlet (mainly Tuva). The former is rather boring and is already dead, the
latter is alive and lives in Moscow. These two are the key figures, but also
there are plenty of young sholars. If You don't read Russian, almost every book
has summary in English, and Okladnikov published in Moscow at a certain point a
book in English titled "The Art of Amur" (i.e. Amur river), sorry, I don't
remember the year. If You will specify Your request I may help You with finding
particular titles.