Re: Mandan Indians

Peter/Stephen Sjolander (
2 Oct 1995 14:30:09 GMT

I visited the city of Mandan and went to the local library. I found
nothing. I got the feeling that the white town settlers were not proud
of their past.

I have heard of a Mandan-Norse dictionary but I have not seen it.

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Viking Navy.

Peter Sjolander
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In <44mpf1$a4k@News.Minn.Net> raymarsh@Legarto.Minn.Net (Ray Marshall)
>Does anyone know where valid information can be found about the Mandan
>Indian tribe of South Dakota. They apparantly died of smallpox in the

>18th century caused by exposure to European explorers.
>Undocumented myth says that some of them had blond hair and blue eyes
>that some of their customs indicated that they might be descendants of

>"Viking" explorers.
>Has anyone written on this??
>Ray Marshall