Re: Info on Russian petroglyphs?

Thomas L. Billings (
3 Oct 1995 04:33:52 GMT

Re: Siberian Petroglyphs-

Did you see Archaeology Magazine Sept./Oct. 1991 by Esther Jacobson?
She is very familiar with that region and can be reached at the Univ. of
Oregon Dept. of Art History. Also, in the new Ethnographic Arts
Publication catalog F24 (415-383-2998) there is a very promising book on
the subject of petroglyphs by Martynov called "The Ancient Art of
Northern Asia." I have an extensive bibliography on ground stone objects
which features particularly fish, phallic, and anthropomorphic-shaped
artifacts. There are some mention from the Siberian region. Please
e-mail me if you're still in need of sources.