Re: intrinsic value?

Shannon Adams (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 08:30:44 -0800

cynthia gage wrote:
> you think things like water or oxygen or trees have intrinsic
> value? Do you think we as humans have any way of judging value apart from
> our own "human experience" and "human existance"? What I mean is, do all
> other cultures value "family cohesiveness, social cohesiveness, altruism,
> etc. and even if they do, do you think those things are valueable outside
> of the "human experience"?
> I don't really think there are any answers to these question, perhaps
> they're for philosiphers to argue about but I think it's interesting to
> hear what people think.
> :)
> Cynthia

Yes, oxygen, trees and water have intrinsic value because they
contribute to an ecological system (social cohesiveness). I know I
think strangely (for a westerner) about these things but I believe that
those elements or forms of life have as much of a "social" life as
humans (maybe not exactly "social").