Re: cultural anthropology

Susan S. Chin (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 16:06:00 GMT

CORRECTION of an earlier post:
Susan S. Chin ( wrote:

: Q: Is there a newsgroup for cultural anthropology?

: : > wrote:
: : >> I don't know. If you find one let me know!
: : >> -Greg Wislon

: : (cynthia gage) wrote:
: : >Me too...can we start one?
: : >Hmmmm... :)
: : >Cynthia

: Frank Schaap ( wrote:
: : count me in!
: : Frank

: FYI, newsgroups are pretty difficult to get started, for various reasons.
: Some of the questions you'll likely encounter would be justification of
: need for such a group, demonstrated discussion occurring in other related
: newsgroups such as this one (sci.anthropology) which cannot accommodate
: the discussion topics proposed. Vast support in terms of "yeah, I'd
: post in that newsgroup if it were created" would be needed too. Minimum
: 100 email addresses for alt newsgroups, something like a 2/3's majority
: with a margin of 100 more yes votes than nos.

This should have read: 2/3's majority with a margin of 100 more yes votes
than no's in the "formal" newsgroups such as sci.* An actual vote is
taken, email addresses verified, etc. for sci.* newsgroups approval.

: Still interested? :)

: Susan

: PS it's conceivable there is already a socio/cultural anthro newsgroup
: and we're just not aware of it...