Re: Race, Science, & Political Correctness

Bruce Scott TOK (
27 Nov 1996 14:09:11 GMT

Bob Whitaker ( wrote:

: As I keep repeating, you are saying that the fact that Scientific
: Antropoly at any moment is ALWAYS politically correct just happens to be
: one of the great happy perfect coincidences of human history. I think
: that's absurd.
: As I keep repeating, Franz Boas went from a bit a joke to
: anthropologists in 1939 to The Only True Anthropologist in 1945. By a
: happy coincidence, there was a war in that period, which made the Boas
: conclusion de rigeur if Scientific Anthropology was to reamin
: Politically Correct.
: By a wild coincidence, that was the VERY period when Science marched on
: and made Boas scientific Truth.
: What utter crap.
: Anthropology gives the side it's paid to give.

Translation: Bob Whitaker does not like Franz Boas or his ideas.

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